A mature dog RP intended for users of the ages 18+.
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The site is finally up and running. We ask that all members start advertising in order for us to gain more, so RPing can be a lot of fun especially since we have the option for others to create their own packs.
The site is new so please keep in mind that everyone is still trying to figure things out. We are still in search of Moderators for the site so if you are interested please be on your best behavior. Please help out around the site to catch the eyes of the admins, Cetra, Dragovich and Deluce.
Speaking of the Admins, please congratulate Deluce on her new position. She's helped Cetra and Drago out quite a bit in order to finish the site so everyone can began advertising and RPing!!
When we gain more members we will begin to have Bi-Weekly Activity Cheeks so please keep this in mind.
A new sub-category has been put in place! An adoption center for pups or characters no longer wanted!!
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 Broken Dream's Rules(Must read)

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Broken Dream's Rules(Must read)  Empty
PostSubject: Broken Dream's Rules(Must read)    Broken Dream's Rules(Must read)  Icon_minitimeTue Feb 24, 2015 3:26 pm

HELLO Guest and welcome to Where Broken Dreams Lie, let me just go over a few things before you read the rules, We are an Adult Graphic Role-play, now that we got that cleared please read all the rules before you post your bio, if you don't I will find you and I will beat you! Now I know what you're thinking...(But Drago there's so many.) Well these rules are designed to help life run smoother around here, plus there's a secret word hidden through out here that you'll need to put down in your bio.


Rule 1: Be respectful to everyone!!!! Especially to the Admins and Moderators, for they are here to help and are constantly working hard to keep this site going and the members happy.

Rule 2: When making a Bio please please I can't express this enough, use the template. It's there for a reason, now after you post and it's accepted you may spruce it up and put your roleplay likes and dislikes, but until then strictly follow the template. Also before you make a bio read all this.

Rule 3: When roleplaying, there is a minimum word count of at least 100, I know it might be hard, but it helps everyone work better of a detailed post. Also when you make a thread, please put graphic in the title if there is any sexual scenes and if you wish to make it a 1-1 role-play put the persons name in the title such as. (Tesla).

Rule 4: Okay now time to address packs, this site works off a system called Bones, we have a shop where you can go an purchase stuff, the rights to form a pack is one Smile Fucking sweet right? Thought you'd like it, now keep in mind, if your pack falls in active an admin or moderator will pm you telling you;you have 4 days to get it active or we will be forced to delete it, this is simply to keep the site from flooding with inactive packs. Also there is only a pack limit of 5 so first come first serve.

Rule 5:Double posting is definitely a big no, if you happen to double post, just delete your second post and it will be no biggie, now.... If we find the double post.. You'll be asked to take it down Razz no one wants that kind of embarrassment, so please, just be on the look out.

Rule 6: This rule goes onto more about the graphic roleplaying, anything is aloud, just be sure it is ok with the other characters in the thread. Also when you post a thread be sure if you want to post the requirements for that particular Roleplay for example, if you like detailed post put something like this (Looking for a loner female, must be able to post 80+ words, looking for a love or intimately for my male Bruce.) simple as that.

Rule 7: All character images must be from Stock, Flickr, Photoshop. Please don't go to google images and just pull a picture off there, it's copyright and I don't feel like getting sued(Secret word:Dreaming stars) Do you? Didn't think so. So just do that and everything will be ok.

Rule 8: Keep in mind we do have a shop where you can buy necklaces shackles, abnormal eye color, special abilities, and stuff like that Smile so nothing like wings, or horns please, we are dogs not spirits XD

Rule 9: Now, any dog is allowed as long as it's not a full blown wolf, and I would also like to talk about GodModding/Powerplaying: This is strictly not tolerated, if we catch you doing it there will be a verbal warning the second time is a ban for two day, third strike is permnant ban.     
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Broken Dream's Rules(Must read)
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