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The site is finally up and running. We ask that all members start advertising in order for us to gain more, so RPing can be a lot of fun especially since we have the option for others to create their own packs.
The site is new so please keep in mind that everyone is still trying to figure things out. We are still in search of Moderators for the site so if you are interested please be on your best behavior. Please help out around the site to catch the eyes of the admins, Cetra, Dragovich and Deluce.
Speaking of the Admins, please congratulate Deluce on her new position. She's helped Cetra and Drago out quite a bit in order to finish the site so everyone can began advertising and RPing!!
When we gain more members we will begin to have Bi-Weekly Activity Cheeks so please keep this in mind.
A new sub-category has been put in place! An adoption center for pups or characters no longer wanted!!
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 Son of a Witch (post season 4 teen wolf rp) lb

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Son of a Witch (post season 4 teen wolf rp) lb Empty
PostSubject: Son of a Witch (post season 4 teen wolf rp) lb   Son of a Witch (post season 4 teen wolf rp) lb Icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2015 4:17 pm

[font size="1"]Scott & his gang have faced werewolves, possessing kitsune, mute assassins and even berserkers. But now something a little different in the supernatural spectrum has come to Beacon Hills; witches. Some are good, some are evil. People have been mysteriously dying around town and the only way to even tell that witches are behind it are little hex bags left nearby the dead body.

But what could be worse than witches? Witch hunters. Even though some witches are good, they don't give a damn. To them, the only good witch is a dead witch. So while some witches are killing, others are being killed by these witch hunters.

Stiles, Scott and the rest are currently entering their first year of college. Some have stayed home to attend a local college while some have moved away to further their education.

[a href="http://sonofawitch.freeforums.net/"]Home[/a], [a href="http://sonofawitch.freeforums.net/board/2/character-creation"]Character Creation[/a], [a href="http://sonofawitch.freeforums.net/board/27/advertising-affiliate"]Advertising[/a]

Why join us?

[ul type="disc"]
[li]Super nice admins![/li][li]Small word count (200)[/li][li]Intermediate to advanced level[/li][li]Tons of supernatural creatures to be[/li][li]Tons of want ads up[/li][li]Plenty of canon characters up for grabs[/li][li]Post season 4 AU[/li][li]Lenient activity requirement[/li][li]Two apps to pick from[/li]
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Son of a Witch (post season 4 teen wolf rp) lb
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